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The Wallace to Avery Ride (2016)

The Wallace to Avery Ride has some of the most technical trails in the area and was organized for intermediate to advanced riders only.  Because of that, I was expecting maybe a dozen riders.  I was more than a little surprised when I drove up at 9:00 am to the Cranky Gulch staging area and find 22 other riders getting ready to go.

Despite the trails being full of technical switchbacks, climbs, descents, side-hills, and stream crossings, I had very little to do while sweeping for the group.

There were a few riders that had to drop out early for various reasons but most everybody made it to the 60 mile mark at the end of Long Liz (Trail #190).  From there, the group split into those that were going to finish the 80 mile ride and those who needed to take the road back to the staging area and get home because it was after 5:00 pm and had other commitments to get to.  However, if they finished the ride or not, it would be safe to say everybody had a great day riding some spectacular Idaho single-track.

In order, these are the trails (to the 60 mile mark) we took from Wallace to Avery and back:

  • Cranky Gulch (Trail #39)
  • Bad Tom (Trail #164)
  • Upper Slate Creek (Trail #160)
  • Dam Creek (Trail #10)
  • Prospect (Trail #30)
  • Cedar Creek (Trail #4)
  • Hammond (Trail #489)
  • Nelson Ridge (Trail #186)
  • Shefoot (Trail #327)
  • Long Liz (Trail #190)

See you on the next PANTRA Ride!!

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  1. Andy on July 22, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    What trail did the group take after long Liz?

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