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Batey-Bould Ride (2016)

This was a club "evaluation" ride of the Batey-Bould trail system to see what is needed from us trail users for the short term stability and the long term viability of the trail system.

Newport-Sullivan Lake District Ranger Gayne Sears has liability and sustainability concerns with the Batey-Bould trail system and is considering a partial or full closure of the system (more details here).

The report:

There was steady rain the night before and into the early morning.  However, the forecast for clearing skies by late morning was accurate and the rain had stopped in time for our 11:00 am ride time.

17 riders showed up at the trailhead ready to "evaluate" Batey-Bould.  The problem was that 15 of us had never been there before and the other 2 didn't know the system that well (we had to wing it).  Fortunately, the trail system is simple enough that it would be hard to get lost.

Trail #306 is the spine of Batey-Bould with trails #307, #308, #309, #310, and #311 doing interconnecting loops with trail #306.  The down side to trail #306 being the spine of Batey-Bould is that it's the only way in and the only way out.

The majority of the trails at Batey-Bould twist through dark timber where there are numerous slippery roots, rocks, bridges, and switchbacks.  Trail #306 is marked as easiest but is not for beginner riders.  It would probably be rated as a 4 in a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most difficult.  The difficulty factor goes up from there on the interconnecting loops with most of them being for advanced riders only.

Rotting bridges and erosion control are the two main concerns regarding liability and sustainability.  For safety reasons, in the short term, two bridges in particular need repaired and/or replaced.  In the long term, tread work will need to be done to repair/replace erosion control blocks.

Batey-Bould is a gem of a trail system where trail maintenance has been neglected over the years.  With a little planning and work, repairs can be made to keep all of the trail system open.   Add a few enhancements, Batey-Bould can become a "destination" trail system.  Help us make it happen!


  1. Tom Wakeley on October 26, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    A terrific video! I have not ridden there, and it looks a bit over my old head. But, I think I could manage trail #306 if I had patient riders to ride with. :) I hope all Forest Service dirt bike/OHV venues will stay open and thrive in the future. I find it a bit un-nerving that a Forest Service park ranger can consider closing off this dedicated OHV land because of fear of liability, when I believe it is their job is to ensure that all these lands remain open and viable for their intended use for the public (including dirt bike riding), now and forever.

  2. Chris Reiner on October 27, 2016 at 7:38 am

    That’s only 10-15 miles from my place in Priest River. I just missed you guys. Came for a visit 23rd to 28th. I learned about the ride a little too late after we booked our plane tickets. I have forwarded this ride report to a couple friends here in PR that ride. Hopefully they can help and/or join Pantra.
    All the best,

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