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Gallery Videos

PANTRA Group Ride Videos

Wallace -Avery Ride (Squaw Creek) (2020)

Bayview (Maiden Creek) Ride & BBQ (2020)

Canfield - Early Season (2020)

Gold Creek Trail Work, Ride, & BBQ (2019)

Little Pend Oreille (LPO) Campout and Ride video (2019)

Canfield to Spades Ride (2019)

Bayview Ride (2018)

Hell's Canyon Ride (2018)

Wallace to Avery Ride (2018)

Batey-Bould Ride (2018)

Mattawa - Wild Horses side (2018)

Hells Canyon Loop Ride (2017)

Batey-Bould's Tacoma Bridge Rebuild

Wallace To Avery Ride (2017)

Gold Creek Lodge Ride (2017)

Fathers Day LPO Campout & Ride (2017)

Canfield To Snow-Line Ride (2017)

Canfield - Trainer Trail (2017)

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