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Leveraging Your Voice

Rock in Stream

If you're on PANTRA's website and didn't get here by accident, there's a good chance you have a passion for off-road motorcycle riding.  If you have that passion and live in North Idaho or Eastern Washington, there's also a good chance that you enjoy riding your motorcycle on the trails in the Inland Northwest and would like to continue to do so.

Virtually all the trails we ride on are multi-use trails which means we share the trails with people who have different interests and forms of recreation.  Even though we teach our members to be safe and respectful of other users of the land in order to minimize disturbance to others and the environment, there are individuals and groups that actively use their voice to lobby land managers to deny off-road motorcycle users access to the trails we like to ride.

With budget cuts and other factors, many land managers follow the path of least resistance.  In this case, resistance is a metaphor for confrontation.  If one voice wants a trail/area closed to off-road use, without an apposing voice, there's a good chance the requested trail/area closure is the path of least resistance for the land manager.  To protect and preserve our trails, our voices need to be the proverbial rock in the stream.

By being a member of PANTRA, you will be adding your voice to ours and maximizing the Inland Northwest's off-road motorcycle communities leverage in preserving access to you and future generations.  With a big enough rock, the stream changes direction.


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