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PANTRA Christmas Party


PANTRA's Annual Christmas Party

From 5:30

At Meadowbrook Hall

47.650484, -116.861281

Free to PANTRA members

Join us for food, fun, prizes, gifts, and games at PANTRA's annual Christmas party!

This year PANTRA will be providing ham, turkey breasts, and drinks.  It’s BYOB if you want an adult beverage.

We are asking each member/family to bring an appetizer, desert, or side dish to share.  To make sure we get enough of everything and not too much of one thing, if your last name starts with a letter between A-J, please bring an appetizer.  If your last name starts with a letter between K-R, please bring a desert.  Finally, if your last name starts with a letter between S-Z, please bring a side dish.

(A-J = appetizer, K-R = desert, S-Z = side dish)


There will be a $20 max. white elephant gift exchange along with a prize raffle.  Each person that wants to participate in the white elephant gift exchange must bring a gift.  No one under 21 will be allowed to receive or exchange their gift for alcohol (even if it’s for their parents).

This is a PANTRA member’s only Christmas party but new members are welcome to join the night of the party and to participate.


There are 66 people coming.

Look who's coming:

  • Steve Hart x4 ()
  • Mongan\'s x6 ()
  • Rick and Nikele Thorne x2 ()
  • Casey Brackett x1 ()
  • Hayden Kraack x1 ()
  • Randy Nilles x3 ()
  • Kevin Hoglund x1 ()
  • Austin Hart x4 ()
  • Treavor Cameron x3 ()
  • Tom Wuest x2 ()
  • The Bertones x5 ()
  • dave beauchene x1 ()
  • Jan Schuster x2 ()
  • Christopher Kuhlman x2 ()
  • Eric Killen x2 ()
  • Greg ragsdale x3 ()
  • Reddington’s x3 ()
  • Ryan Forsberg x2 ()
  • Mike Scott x1 ()
  • Rod shaffer x2 ()
  • Curtis Tanner x2 ()
  • Terri Matthews x2 ()
  • Toni Kaminski x2 ()
  • Keith Masonholder x3 ()
  • Chris Hoffer x2 ()
  • Don Grome x3 ()
  • John & Katie x2 ()

There are 19 places available.

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