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PANTRA Bayview Ride


PANTRA Talache Ride

From 10:00

At Talache North Trailhead

47.983917, -116.510928


The Bayview Ride is a half day (or less) ride for beginner/intermediate riders and above and will be the last PANTRA ride of the season.  We will be staging and riding from the house of our host, PANTRA member and Gold Sponsor (Kayu International Inc.), Steve Wilson (see map).  This is a is a private road with a new city street sign saying “Buena Vista Ln.  There will also be a PANTRA sign letting you know you are at the right place.

The trail is in very good shape and is for beginner/intermediate riders and above.  Riders will enjoy a great 3 hour ride from Bayview to Blacktail and back.  Advanced/expert riders that want a longer ride (5-1/2 to 6 hours) may take the 10 minute gravel road connector to the trails down to Maiden Creek trail head, ride down to the beach at Maiden Rock, continue to Talache and then back to Bayview. 

We would like to leave at 10:00 so please get there early enough to be geared up and ready to ride by then.  There will be an outdoor Porta Potty, seating around a campfire to keep you warm, and coffee and doughnuts.

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