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McCroskey club Ride


Intermediate club ride at McCroskey St Park

From 9.00 am

At McCroskey St Park Trail System

Ben Boyce

1. Meet at the parking area just off 95 and Skyway road 4716. 47°03'21.3"N 116°51'40.5"W. About 90 minutes from CDA or Spokane. Go through Plumber and Tensed, ID. It is faster. I don't care what Google says. 
2. Be ready to ride at 9am rain or shine. (I will cancel if the weather is extreme. See website for cancellation notice.)
3. Plan on 35 to 50 miles depending on the group pace. Plan on being back to the trucks around 2 to 4 pm. 
4. This is a moderate to advanced experience ride. There is sometimes a way around difficult hill climbs. If we have an advanced group we will hit some challenging sections. There is a road back along the whole ride in case you get in over your head. 
5. Email me at for more questions. 

There are 6 people coming.

Look who's coming:

  • Andy wells x1 ()
  • Eric Fortune x1 ()
  • David Mason x1 ()
  • Mark Sonetti x1 ()
  • Eric Thomas Jones x1 ()
  • Ben Boyce x1 ()

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