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Saving The Batey-Bould Trail System

The attached "Batey-Bould Off-Road Motorcycle Trail System Assessment" (TSA) from the USFS outlines the reason that the system is in jeopardy of being closed.

In fact, a closure order has already been given!

However, before the shutdown order is enforced, PANTRA has agreed to rebuild the two bridges that have failed in exchange to lift the closure order. In addition to the two failed bridges, we will be repairing/replacing a bridge that is about to fail and remove a puncheon that has also failed. (see map for locations on trail system).

These emergency projects to keep Batey-Bould open will require a lot of help.  We will send out emails, post on our Facebook page, and post on this website when all the details are worked out and the work days/weekends are scheduled.  We can't save your trails without you!

The above near-term fixes are the 4 highest priority items on the attached TSA (page 20) that have prompted the closure order.  We will be working with the USFS and the County Commissioner to develop a long-term, multi-year, plan to repair the lower priority items on the TSA.

It has also been suggested that PANTRA take over the management of the system which will include maintenance, expansion, and events hosting (poker runs, enduros, etc.).  Stay tuned...

Locations of the highest priority bridge (Tacoma Creek Crossing) that we will be replacing on August 12th & 13th (We can can use your help!):

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