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Nominations/Volunteers for 2022 PANTRA Officers

Names of nominations, and volunteers, are now being accepted to fill PANTRA's officers positions for 2022!

Use the form below to nominate any club member(s) (you can nominate/volunteer yourself) you would like to see leading the efforts of PANTRA in 2022.

The procedures for electing officers are:

  • Nominations are accepted by the Election Committee from the first of November through the start of the December general meeting.
  • Nominations may be cast at a meeting in person, by proxy, postal mail, e-mail, or use the form above.
  • All nominees will be contacted so they can accept or decline the nomination.
  • Election is held at the December meeting.
  • Individuals are allowed to run for every position, but only obtain one.
  • Order of election is President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Election is by written ballot and won by simple majority.
  • Officers assume office on January 1. If you accept a nomination, be prepared to fulfill the duties of the position.

Duties of the Officers are:

President – Supervise and control business affairs of club and assist other officers.
Vice President – Assist President, manager of Physical Assets.
Secretary – Record keeping, correspondence.
Treasurer – Receive and keep all money and financial records.
Government Liaison – Intermediary between PANTRA and Government agencies.

Duties to be coordinated by Officers include categories of membership, land use issues, trail work, and PANTRA events. Committees and contact people would report to their Officer, who would report in Officers meetings. Then the Officer would summarize in the general meeting.

Committees that will need volunteers:

  • Blog/Newsletter committee: Creating and publishing regular club related Blog posts to the website.
  • Membership committee: Developing ways to retain and increase memberships.
  • Event committee: Organizing PANTRA sponsored events.
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