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Wallace To Avery Ride (2017)

Ride Video:


The "Wallace To Avery Ride" is PANTRA's most challenging group ride of the year and is geared for our intermediate(+) to advanced riders only.

With no measurable rain for more than a month and the forecast calling for a 95 degree high temperature,  it was almost a certainty that the dust and heat were going to add to the challenges.

Despite the hot weather, dusty conditions, switchbacks, climbs, descents, and exposed side-hills, we had 17 riders geared up and ready to ride at the 9:00 am start time.

Although there were some over heated and burned up brakes plus a flat tire, everybody made the first 40 miles from Cranky Gulch to Avery.

At Avery, we cooled down, topped off our fuel tanks, and ate lunch at Sheffy's General Store.  On a side note, most Wallace to Avery Ride veterans bring their lunch because Sheffy's burgers are not freshly cooked but rather the pre-cooked Costco microwave variety (they don't taste very good).

After lunch, a few riders were hot enough and tired enough that they exited the ride at Avery and took the Moon Pass road back to the staging area.  The remaining 12 riders rode the switchbacks up the Nelson Ridge Trail to Shefoot Mountain and back down the mountain via Long Liz.

With 60 miles behind us, a couple more flats, and feeling hot and tired from the heat of the day, it was decided to finish the remaining 20 miles back to the staging area using Moon Pass and call it a day.

In order, these are the trails we trails we rode:

  • Cranky Gulch (Trail #39)
  • Bad Tom (Trail #164)
  • Upper Slate Creek (Trail #160)
  • Flume Creek (Trail #304)
  • Prospect (Trail #30)

  • Cedar Creek (Trail #4)
  • Hammond (Trail #489)
  • Nelson Ridge (Trail #186)
  • Shefoot (Trail #327)
  • Long Liz (Trail #190)

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