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Hells Canyon Loop Ride (2017)

As the riding season winds down PANTRA's group rides are shortened and simplified.  The Hells Canyon Loop Ride is one of our annual Fall half-day rides for "capable" beginner riders and above.

We had two route leaders scheduled to lead the group or group(s) if we needed to split the riders into two smaller more manageable groups.

Unfortunately, the two route leaders made other plans.  I wasn't too worried about it because I know the trail system well and the most riders we've ever had attend this ride was 13.

YIKES!  When I drove up to the staging area there were 28 riders gearing up and getting ready to ride.  I asked if anybody knew else besides me knew the trail system so I could split everybody into smaller groups.  There were none.

So a group of 29 riders, of all abilities, together enjoyed a Fall adventure on PANTRA's Hells Canyon Loop Ride.


Ride Video:

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