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Batey-Bould/Calispell-Peak Creek Bridge Rebuild & Campout


Batey-Bould/Calispell-Peak Creek Bridge Rebuild & Campout

From 8.00 am until 6.00 pm

At Batey-Bould/Tacoma Creek Group Campsite

48.476653, -117.410725

Batey-Bould Bridge Build/Campout #2

Saving Batey-Bould is going to take a LOT of effort and a LOT of help from everybody!

The USFS has issued a closure order for the Batey-Bould Trail System.  The reasons for the closure order are contained in the "Trail System Assessment" found at the link.

However, before the shutdown order is enforced, PANTRA has agreed to rebuild the two bridges that have failed in exchange to lift the closure order.

We completed the Tacoma Creek bridge on August 12th and it has passed inspection by the USFS.

This campout's purpose is to rebuild the second highest priority bridge in the trail system (Calispell Peak Creek Bridge).

We have already had a walk-in site visit with the Forest Service, gone over the specs, and identified the stringers for this bridge.  We also have already packed in the material for this bridge so it should be quicker and easier to rebuild than the Tacoma Creek bridge we rebuilt in August.

PANTRA will again provide breakfast and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.    So we will know how much food is needed, please register with the number of people you will be attending with.  You do not have to be a member...we can use all the help we can get!

Tools to bring that will be useful:
- Gloves 
-Heavy hammers
-Cordless impact drivers
-Framing square
-Cordless drills
-Long 1/4" drill bits
-Digging bars
-Skill saws
-Pry bar for pulling out spikes
-Bark peelers
-PANTRA has 8 or 9 pulaskis
-Straps/chainsaw-winch/cables/etc... (tools to move/position stringers)

There's probably more tools that would be useful but that is the list given to me. It's better to have tools we don't need then need tools that we don't have. When in doubt, bring it.

Because the Calispell Peak bridge is 10 feet shorter than the 30 foot Tacoma Creek Bridge and the material is already at the construction site, there's a good chance we will have time for a little fun and be able to ride the trail system too.  So bring your bike!

There are 35 people coming.

Look who's coming: Kelly Buck, Steve Hart, Leon Davis, kevin eggert, dave beauchene, Rhonda Kirk, Rod shaffer, Jeff Miller, Rick and Kel Thorne, Casey Bailey, Terri Ann Matthews, Walt Green , Ryan Forsberg, Dave Griffiths, Brian Robles, Mitch Holford , Casey Brackett, Chris Kuhlman, Eric Thomas Jones, Kevin Hoglund, Rocque, William peters, Austin Hart, Damon Traeger

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