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Batey-Bould Bridge Rebuild & Campout


Batey-Bould/Calispell-Peak Creek Trail Maintenance & Campout

From 7:30 am

At Batey-Bould/Tacoma Creek Group Campsite

48.476653, -117.410725

Batey-Bould Trail Maintenance/Campout 

Saving Batey-Bould has/is going to take a LOT of effort and a LOT of help from everybody!

The USFS had issued a closure order for the Batey-Bould Trail System.  The reasons for the closure order are contained in the "Trail System Assessment" found at the link.

This campout's purpose is to maintain the trail system (PANTRA has already rebuilt/replaced 4).

So we will know how much food is needed, please register with the number of people you will be attending with.  You do not have to be a member...we can use all the help we can get!

Tools to bring that will be useful:
- Gloves 
-Heavy hammers
-Cordless impact drivers
-Cordless drills
-Long 1/4" drill bits
-Digging bars
-PANTRA has 8 or 9 pulaskis

There's probably more tools that would be useful but that is the list given to me. It's better to have tools we don't need then need tools that we don't have. When in doubt, bring it.

Bring your bike!

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